Soft Notification component developed using Angular 5.0 to show silent notification like chat or alert to the user on screen without disturbing the current operation on screen.

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Soft Notifications component developed using Angular 5.0 to show silent chat notification or alert notificataion to user on screen without disturbing the current operation on screen.

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Run the below script to install on dependencies on the root directory after cloning the project

npm install

Main Features

  • Silent Notifications on screen without distubing content
  • Multiple alert notifications available via configuration (Success, Error, Warning, Info)
  • Chat Notifications can also be generated with lovely avatars (Iron Man, captain america, Ninja turleetc.,)
  • Auto dissmiss functionality with callback
  • simple configuration

How to use Ng-SoftNotify?

Importing the SoftNotifyModule

Import SoftNotifyModule in your app’s module by placinng it in imports array.

 import { SoftNotifyModule } from './softNotify/softNotify.module';


 imports: [

Launching Notification/Alert

Use <ng-softnotify> element in your target html template and pass a callback to subscribe for onDismissNotification event.

<ng-softnotify (onDismiss)="onDismissNotification($event)"></ng-softnotify>

Import SoftNotifyService from SoftNotifyModule and call launchNotification with appropriate Notification object(Alert notification or Chat notification).

    notifications: Notification [] = [ 
          header: 'First Avenger',
          subHeader: 'is offline now',
          body: ' Hi there buddy!!!',
          type: 'chat',
          avatar :'captain-america',
          status : 'offline',
          time: '02:55', 
          autoDismiss:3000 //optional property
          header: 'Data saved successfully',
          subHeader: '',
          body: 'Screen will be updated with latest data',
          type: 'success'
          autoDismiss:50 //optional property

this.softNotifyService.launchNotification(this.notifications[0]); //lauching the notification

Cool avatars available for Chat Notification (use code)

  • Iron Man (iron-man)
  • Captain America (captain-america)
  • Scream (scream)
  • Ninja Turle (ninja-turtle)
  • Astronaut (astronaut)
  • Alien (alien)
  • Theatre Mask (theatre-mask)
  • Martian (martian)
  • Predator (predator)


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • Special thanks to icon8 team for giving lovely avatars